Italian Priority documents to US patent- can't find?

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Italian Priority documents to US patent- can't find?

Post by Fixated » Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:12 am

So, on a familiar to me US Patent from the early 1960s, there is mention of earlier priority, referring to a patent application and / or perhaps issue, in Italy a few years previous.

I am having difficulty finding anything more about this. Were such documents simply not added to the electronic database, or did the Italians simply not save such paperwork? Or perhaps I should direct such a search at the USPTO? Alternatively, perhaps the ID numbers are faulty?

What I have is this: An issued US Patent 3,166,269 to Mr. Elio Veroli (long since deceased).
The bibliographic data here on Espacenet gives me this:


Now, as said, I am interested in that Italian document from 1960. Maybe even that US Application. How to find?

Further, the original document looks like this. Similar, but a few more numbers to choose from:

I would be very grateful for any help in pursuing this further. Thank you.


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