June 2017 - DK: number format changed

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June 2017 - DK: number format changed

Post by EPO / Patent Data Services » Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:58 am

Please be informed of a change of number format in Danish applications and priorities.

The correction has been launched to align the number formats in The EPO master database with the number formats as represented in the authority files provided by the DK office.

The alignment of number formats with number formats as represented in the authority file is necessary in order to be able to run gap analyses in a reliable manner, allowing to improve both data quality and coverage.

The new formats have been included in the “Number format concordance – Application-Numbers” as posted in the “Useful Tables and Statistics” http://www.epo.org/searching-for-patent ... gular.html pages.

Old number format_______Filing date_______New number format
DK 88598 A____________22-06-1998______DK PA199800885 A
DK 201770219 A________28-03-2017______DK PA201770219 A
DK 9800233 U__________22-06-1998______DK BA199800233 U
DK 201700020 U________20-02-2017______DK BA201700020 U

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