June 2017 - FI: utility models number format changed

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June 2017 - FI: utility models number format changed

Post by EPO / Patent Data Services » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:04 pm

Please be informed of a change of number format in Finnish documents with kind code U and U0. Publications with kind codes U1 are not affected.

The correction has been launched to align the number formats in the EPO's master database with the number formats as represented in the authority files provided by the FI office and to be able to run gap analyses in a reliable manner.

The new formats have already been included in the tables “Number format concordance - publication numbers” and “Number format concordance – Application-Numbers” as posted in the Helpful Resources pages (https://www.epo.org/searching-for-paten ... gular.html).

The correction will have an impact on approx. 14.000 documents.

Old publ. number format________New publ. number format
FI 980045 U0__________________FI U980045 U0
FI 20050397 U0________________FI U20050397 U0

Old appl./prio. number format____New appl./prio. number format
FI 920022 U___________________FI U920022 U
FI 20030028 U_________________FI U20030028 U

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