Known issues and workarounds

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Known issues and workarounds

Post by Patent Information Marketing » Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:01 pm

  • Please use an alternative browser if you encounter any problems with Internet Explorer
  • Please reload the page by pressing Shift F5 if any interface elements are missing, in case this fails, close all browser windows and restart the browser
  • With some screen resolutions and window sizes not all the information may always be visible. This problem occurs when you resize the screen significantly from one size to another.
    FIXED in latest release.
  • Non-patent literature without XP numbers cannot be transferred from the citation tab to the result list.
  • Please see the correct sorting of the applicants and inventors in the original document view (the sorting may be different in the result list and bibliographic tab)
  • CPC assignments given by national offices may be incomplete i.e. either the symbol is missing or the country of assignment or both
  • Highlighting may not work for cited XP documents
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