Korea: Easy access to information on ownership changes in KIPRIS

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Korea: Easy access to information on ownership changes in KIPRIS

Post by EPO / Asia Info » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:11 am

Dear patent information users,

Obtaining reliable data on patent right transfers and other types of ownership changes is a crucial part of patent information.

In KIPRIS, users can now identify changes of the patent right holder already in the result list.
As a new feature, the result list includes not only the name of the applicant, but also of the current right holder. By comparing these two names, users can quickly verify whether or not a transfer of the patent right has taken place. The information about the current right holder is, however, only available in the "Basic view" display of the result list.

After selecting a document from the result list, users can obtain more detailed information on the current right holder and patent right transfers in the sections "Registration Details" and "Biographical information".


Extract from result list in KIPRIS showing both the name of the applicant and the current right holder.

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