Legal status - Addition of PCT entry into European phase

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Legal status - Addition of PCT entry into European phase

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As of May 2017, the EPO will deliver the date of request for the entry of PCT applications into the European phase monthly. It is planned to cover data back to mid-2016. The data will be linked to the corresponding PCT application.

Legal event code used in the database

Patent authority WO
Label Request for entry into the European Phase


The applicant of a PCT application must decide before the end of the international phase of the PCT application procedure whether and before which designated offices he or she wants to proceed with the application.

If the applicant wishes to obtain a European patent, the procedure before the EPO needs to be initiated by filing EPO Form 1200. After receipt of the request for entry into the European phase, the EPO notifies WIPO.

This information is generally the first available indicator for the entry into the European phase of a PCT application.

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