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Maintenance release of Open Patent Services (OPS) v 3.2 expected soon

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:34 pm
by EPO / OPS Support
This is a short advance notice for all OPS users that the next maintenance release of Open Patent Services (OPS) v 3.2 is planned to take place.

New features and changes are:
- FR full text collection in XML will now be available in addition to the already available collections of EP, WO, CH, AT, ES, GB and CA patent data
FR full text documents in XML will now be available in OPS Published services using Full-text, Claims and Description constituents

- POST request issue is now fixed
Users reported an issue when using 3.2 POST requests. The 3.2 version POST deviated from the matching requests done in 3.1. This issue is now solved for 3.2 and the reposes are now identical as in 3.1

- Image data retrieval in PDF or TIFF
A key feature of this release is the migration to new backend facsimile services which may have an impact on your client code if you are heavily dependent on facsimiles and images. If your application has not followed the best practice and instead built in hard coded number references to the images service calls, it is likely that you will no longer be able to retrieve images. If you application does use the image inquiry service to retrieve the correct URL and number proposed by the system then you should not encounter any problems.

We would also like to inform all OPS users that we have recently updated our Terms and conditions for use of the EPO's Open Patent Services (OPS). A mailing to all registered users will take place shortly to inform them about the change.


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