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Mapping data completeness of PATSTAT Global and INPADOC data (TLS231)

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:21 am
by EPO / PATSTAT Support
When doing advanced statistical analysis, it is important to understand the coverage and content of the data you are working with. PATSTAT Global contains data coming from all over the world. Quality, timeliness and completeness vary a great deal depending on your data selection approach.
Therefore the PATSTAT team has created a Tableau dashboard that maps the content and coverage of PATSTAT Global. The link below will lead you to the published dashboard without the need of you having to install special software.
If you have observations or suggestions for improvements, kindly let us know via -patstat @

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The TLS231_INPADOC_LEGAL_EVENT table contains a whopping 330 million records covering legal status from 61 patent authorities using 3.927 different legal event codes.
Researchers need to have a good understanding of the meaning of those codes before using them. But equally important is to understand the coverage and the use of the codes. Many legal event codes have been used very sporadic on a small number of applications before disappearing into obscurity.
To shed some light on this topic, you can find here an excel sheet that maps for all event codes the number of patents for which the codes have been used grouped by the respective patent application year. This should give researchers a good first indication whether or not the codes they intend to use are useful for the set of patents they want to analyse.
Comments are welcomed.
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(The excel sheet also includes the query used to extract the overview table. You can use the filters to select codes relevant for the application or event authority according to your needs.)