Missing full-text info' for B1\2 publications

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Missing full-text info' for B1\2 publications

Post by ysy » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:10 am

I thought the OPS service should provide access to raw data but the below behavior misses the point.

I'm using the following query to access publication's description and claims attributes.

and -

these queries results only the A2 publication information.

I then checked to see if there's a difference between the A2 and the B1 (Granted) publications, to my surprise, there is a difference. the B1 publication has less paragraphes under the description field (33 in the B1 publication and 56 in the A1 publication).

Here you can see the B1 publication with the updated description and claims -
ww w. google. co m /patents/EP1488900B1?hl=iw&dq=EP1488900&ei=jfwVUpTnNMWL7AaeroGYDg&cl=en

I can't seem to access the B1 description and claims using the OPS service (unfortunately full-cycle is not an option when querying full text fields).

Is there a solution?

remove the spaces in the urls


EPO / OPS Support
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Re: Missing full-text info' for B1\2 publications

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:24 pm

Dear user,

OPS gives you exactly the same results as Espacenet and as this information will not be available in Espacenet you won't be able to find it in OPS as well:

http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicat ... cale=en_EP

If you are looking for free resources, only Publication server will give you XML of B publications:
https://data.epo.org/publication-server ... &iFormat=3

Or, as I suggested to you via email already, for better completeness of data, you should buy back-file and front-file of our raw data product 14.12 EP A&B in XML.

Kind regards,

OPS support

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