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Missing Nuts-3 regions of inventors

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 2:50 pm
by Hannover student
Using Patstat Online 2019 Autumn Edition

Dear fellow Patstat Online-users,

for my master thesis I am currently using a small sample of patent data in order to investigate cooperations between inventors. For this matter, I need the Nuts-3 region of each inventor for a specific patent. Sadly, there are some missing Nuts-3 regions for some inventors. Is there any way to resolve this problem?

Best regards,

Hannover student

Code: Select all

SELECT DISTINCT tls201_appln.appln_id,appln_auth,appln_nr, applt_seq_nr, invt_seq_nr,appln_kind,appln_filing_date,earliest_filing_date,person_name,person_address,person_ctry_code,nuts
FROM tls201_appln
join tls207_pers_appln on tls201_appln.appln_id = tls207_pers_appln.appln_id
join tls206_person on tls207_pers_appln.person_id = tls206_person.person_id
where  person_ctry_code = 'DE' and appln_auth = 'ep' and earliest_filing_year = 2020 
group by tls201_appln.appln_id,appln_auth,appln_nr,applt_seq_nr,invt_seq_nr,appln_kind,appln_filing_date,earliest_filing_date,person_name,person_address,person_ctry_code,nuts
order by tls201_appln.earliest_filing_date