new field in DE2007 for general authorisation number

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new field in DE2007 for general authorisation number

Post by twesthues » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:57 am

Please note that for the German national procedure (DE2007) a new field be added in OLF v5 in the representative mask for the general authorisation number. This number will be stored in the XML as elemend <iid> and will appear on the de-request.pdf at the top where general authorisation is indicated.

<agents group="no">
<agent sequence="1" rep-type="agent">
<addressbook lang="de">

Due to dependency issues with the receiving server - only a later update to v5 will use the new DTD version currently applied by the DPMAdirekt system which then adds a field for the 'how the applicant acquired the rights of the invention' for each inventor individually rather than one field for all as is the situation at present.

Moreover, please note that it is currently not possible to store page range information for drawings that are an integrated part of one specification attachment - the import will therefore calculate that page range based on the total number of pages and the page range information for abstract, description and claims. The above mentioned new DTD will then also add attributes ppf and ppl for the page range of drawings.

When the additional update to v5 will come has not been decided yet.

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