New PatXML version 1.3.4 now available

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Re: New PatXML version 1.3.4 now available

Post by alexthurgood » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:16 pm

Martinadu wrote:Version 1.3.5 of patXML is now available. This will support Windows 7 and Word 2007

You gotta love this quote from the manual :

"You can prepare and import your patent applications in Microsoft® Word® and save them in software- and system-independent XML (based on a standard agreed by the EPO, JPO, USPTO and WIPO). No prior knowledge of XML is required."

Really, don't you think that this statement ought to be qualified ? The spin on "software and system independent XML" is just hilarious :-() Shame you have to use a proprietary format and software to be able to use the PatXML tool in the first place.

"No prior knowledge of XML is required"
__It is__ if you do not use Windows OS, and do not have Microsoft Word on that OS.

And yes, I will keep badgering the EPO about it ;-)