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New statistics to ease CPC use

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:29 am
by Patrick Le Gonidec
A new version of the user interface allows you to easily analyse the top 50 CPC symbols which could then be used as input for further elaborating your search strategy. To make this process even easier, classification definitions text are displayed alongside the statistical view.

You can also analyse IPC, FI, F-terms, applicants, cited applicants (applicants of cited patents), inventors and publishing offices.

Links to EP Register, PATENTSCOPE and Global Dossier are added for EP, WO and CN applications.

More information in the new GPI user manual (see revision sheet page 2) available for download at

Re: New statistics to ease CPC use

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 2:55 pm
by Patrick Le Gonidec
Dear Users,

When running statistics using IPC-like classification symbols (IPC, CPC or FI), you select the level of hierarchy you want to use and the results depend on you selection:
  • - At section (e.g. A), main class (e.g. A61), subclass (e.g. A61K) and group (e.g. A61K31) levels: all underlying main group and subgroup symbols of a given level are counted.
  • - At main group level (e.g. A61K31/00): only main group symbols are counted, i.e. subgroup symbols of a given main group are not counted.
  • - At subgroup level (e.g. A61K31/01): only subgroup symbols are counted.
Should you wish to compare the ranking of the CPC in GPI with the ranking in the Espacenet CPC browser, you must select "CPC group" in the list of parameters.

Best regards,