NEW TABLE ADDED to our existing collection of various data resources on our website

This space is made available to users of Open Patent Services (OPS) web-service and now also to users of EPO’s bulk data subscription products such as 14. EPO worldwide bibliographic database (DOCDB), 14.11 EPO worldwide legal status database (INPADOC), 14.12 EP full text data, 14.1 EP bibliographic data (EBD)and more.

Users can ask each other questions, exchange experiences and solutions, post ideas. The moderator will use this space to announce changes or other relevant information.
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NEW TABLE ADDED to our existing collection of various data resources on our website

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:11 am

Dear users,

As this forum is dedicated to OPS and to the EPO's raw data products we would like to remind you about several sources that will most probably be very handy anytime you need some detail information on patent information data in our products and services:

We a regularly updating tables on various topics that can be useful not only to OPS and raw data users but also to users of other databases of the EPO: ... gular.html

Kind code concordance list - about document kind codes used at the EPO (can be different kind codes as the original kind codes on a patent document) , great source for knowing which publications are available in which database as well as reference to WIPO ST30 tags. Especially handy for users of OPS and Espacenet when comparing coverage of DOCDB with Espacenet/OPS – EPODOC.

Number format concordance - publication numbers - EPO uses its own number format (DOCDB) and here you can see how to input specific number into any of EPO's databases. This list shows number formats of publication numbers for all available worldwide data collections.

Number format concordance - application numbers - same as previous but for application and priority numbers.

Overview of citation data in the EPO's citation database (REFI) - list of available worldwide citation data in all our databases and products such as DOCDB, Epacenet/OPS, GPI, European patent register...

NEW 2019: IP5 citations coverage as available at the EPO
New table about citations available for IP5 offices. Explains which publication step will show which cited document and explains where (which product) we offer rich format citations and for which IP5 collection we have citations in a rich format.

Categorisation of recently used legal status codes - table of all available legal events in INPADOC database for worldwide legal status coverage.

Sources of information on national phase entries of EP patents - this table explains coverage of entries of EP's into member states national phase and gives info on where and how to find relevant national entry application of specific EP (not all member states provide the EPO with such publications!) In 2018 we added information about London agreement member states, current validation and extension states and a column with the exact date of expiration of the protection for countries that provide us with this information.

Where to find European patent documents - gives overview of EP publication steps and where you can find them

Main features of raw data products and services - gives overview on what feature (attorney data, simple patent family, extended family....) are available in our raw data products or web services. It also explains formats of available data (XML, PDF..). Can be useful to anyone who is new to patent information products and wants to find best products for their specific use.

List of standardised applicant names
- is the list of normalised names of patent applicants. Same names are also available in raw data products or Espacenet/OPS

Daily updated coverage table
This link shows newly added bibliographic data (daily updated) to Espacenet/OPS: OPS Published services/ Biblio: ... tions.html

Weekly updated coverage tables
In weekly updated (every Thursday morning) section you will find updated tables that can be of use to those who use DOCDB-related services such as GPI and of course DOCDB raw data product (same tables are also included in weekly exchange packages for subscribers of raw data products). GPI users can also make use of INPADOC codes and coverage tables because GPI is the only database at the EPO that allows searching with legal events. Weekly tables are available here: ... eekly.html

Other weekly updated tables are:
Contents and coverage of the DOCDB bibliographic file it’s a screenshot of entire database on specific date, very useful to GPI users
Contents and coverage of the INPADOC legal status file - it’s a screenshot of entire database on specific date
Legal status codes - all INPADOC legal status event codes

For those who are looking for EPO's authority file, please see the following link: ... -file.html

And for Cross-reference index for Euro-PCT applications: ... ences.html


We also offer a number of different manuals: ... nuals.html

EBD specifications - can be useful to users of European Bibliographic Data (EBD) or European Patent Register as well as OPS Register

European Patent Register data - Register documentation that can also be relevant to user of OPS Register or European Patent Register raw data product

DOCDB User Documentation
- for users of DOCDB raw data product and potentially also for GPI or PATSTAT users

User Documentation Legstat_XML+ schema - for users of INPADOC worldwide legal status and potentially also for users of GPI, OPS legal status

PATSTAT - EPO's Worldwide Patent Statistical Database data catalogue

If you have any questions on any of the tables mentioned here, feel free to contact us at Patent Data Services.

OPS support at Patent Data Services

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