No page fee for ST.25 seqence listings - WHEN?


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No page fee for ST.25 seqence listings - WHEN?

Post by TAB » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:58 am

I participated in WIPO's webinar on PCT-SAFE. During the seminar they mentioned that in the July 2009 release of PCT-SAFE, one of the things to be changed is the cost of filing sequence listings.

According to the webinar presenter, there will be "no page fee" for sequence listings filed in ST.25 format as part of the description. How they will be charged (if at all) they did no say.

When will this be effective for EPO OLF?? The presenter said that EPO OLF may not be updated with this until much later this year.

How/When will EPO-OLF users, like myself, be able to take advantage of the "price reduction" (which in effect it is)??

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Re: No page fee for ST.25 seqence listings - WHEN?

Post by twesthues » Fri Jun 12, 2009 4:13 pm

Actually, with a trick, it can already be achieved with the current version:
you can already now just attach ascii in ST25 format (*.txt) or a genuine ST25 format (*.app) in PCT/RO101 and declare it part of the description. The system will firstly calculate the number of pages this would generate and fills it into the table of the content. If one however enters the sequence listing attachment dialogue again and modifies the page number at the bottom by setting it to zero - the effect is exactly as officially intended by the changes to the PCT as of 1st July 2009, i.e. zero pages will be counted for the ST25 compliant sequence listing as defined by the regulations of P

It will take a few month (September/October) before the PCT-OLF version will be updated to be in line with this PCT-SAFE change i.e. when the page number will then no longer be taken into account for the overall payable page number.

I hope this information is useful.

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