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NOW IN PROD: Further information available about the upcoming OPS Register release

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 8:18 pm
by EPO / OPS Support
Dear users,

09.6.2021 UPDATE:
this release is in production since 02.06.2021 -we are keeping this original notification in forum FYI.

The information below relates to our previous forum announcement: ops-register-existing-schema-definition ... -soon-9781

Although the actual release date is not yet confirmed we are giving you some information about planed changes already in advance in order for you to have enough time to review how or if planed changes will influence your processes after the new OPS Register XML response that will be put into production.

There will be two changes arriving in this version of OPS Register:

1.) Due to changes introduced in the Register application, OPS Register needs to deliver matching data using the register DTD v1.3.2

Please see details on what was added or changed in DTD1.3.2 in Register-document-v1-3-2.dtd here: ... 1-3-2.dtd
Main changes are:

• Element <proceedings-suspended> needs to be renamed to <proceedings-stay>

• New element needs to be created as child of <ep-appeal-data> named <ep-date-payment-appeal-fee>

• New element needs to be created as child of <ep-appeal-data> named <ep-date-dispatch-decision-boa>

2.) As part of this change a fix to other Register data will be provided:

- Closing a gap in citations coverage of OPS Register:
    Citations in OPS Register will also be more complete as up to now, they should now fully correspond to the coverage of citations in OPS Published services, by content and format.

    - OPS Register responses will also no longer use an outdated URL link in cited references
      URL link in cited references in OPS Register will now be correctly linked to the records in the New Espacenet as oppose to Classic Espacenet which is still the case at the moment.

      If you have further question, please contact us directly to

      The date of actually release will be announced in this forum as soon as the date is confirmed

      Vesna for OPS support