Ongoing revision and changes on the CPC Y-tags

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Ongoing revision and changes on the CPC Y-tags

Post by EPO / Patent Information » Thu Aug 20, 2020 10:56 am

A number of users have observed that a substantial amount of CPC Y-tags are no longer available via the CPC browser in ESPACENET and show an empty screen when searched. Instead you will receive results when searching in ESPACENET via the Advanced search screen with the same CPC code (e.g. Y02T10/144, Y02E10/54). The complete overview of changes is available in this document.

In a nutshell:
During the last 4 months a major revision of the Y-tags took place. Over the last couple of years there was a wild increase of tags with some tags only being used for one or very few patent families. After consultations with key stakeholders, we have removed, regrouped and reviewed a substantial number of Y-tags and the EPO is currently re-classifying patent families according to the new scheme.
Although the new scheme is now available via the ESPACENET CPC browser, assigned Y-tags in ESPACENET (and in other applications such as PATSTAT) are still partly based on the previous CPC scheme. The reclassification and assignment of patent families to the new scheme is planned to be finalised in a couple of weeks (at the latest mid-September).
Additionally assignment of Y-tags to new publications will be done quicker and more accurate under the new scheme.

More information on CPC can be found HERE.
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Re: Ongoing revision and changes on the CPC Y-tags

Post by arleenzank » Tue Jul 13, 2021 3:00 pm

Is there an update on what is happening with the CPC Y-tags. We are noticing some irregularities in what is tagged with Y CPCs and what is not. For example, on batteries we routinely find patents and pre-grant publications that seem like they should have Y tags but do not. In other art that seems like there should be Y tags there are none. For example, new high octane synthetic fuels don't appear to have Y CPCs even though their impact on mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) is obvious.

Are there classification placement rules beyond what is contained with the CPC itself?

Thank you.

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