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Open documents from a specific directory.

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:09 pm
by jvo

We start eOLF from our PMS after generating the XML files.

eOLF has some pre-filled in data from our PMS, only the documents (DESC.pdf, CLMS.pdf etc.) are not yet attached.

The eOLF user has to do this.

Is it possible to set the open location for the documents we want to add? So when the eOLF user wants to add documents, pushes the add button, the correct directory location is already set. (The user doesn’t have to browse for the correct directory location) (This directory location is dynamically)

Jan van Overveld

Re: Open documents from a specific directory.

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:44 pm
by jvo

Does anybody have an overview of the different parameters which can be given to the executable e3clcm.exe?

( like e3clcm.exe -xml mode=production username=Administrator password=??????? foldername=c:\ )

These we need for the integration of our PMS with eOLF.

We like to know if the document import folder can be set (the attach property in the user prefences).

best regards,
Jan van Overveld

Re: Open documents from a specific directory.

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:24 pm
by twesthues
Hello Mr van Overveld,

the reply to the parameter question can be found in your other entry in the PMS category.

As far as I see, it is not possible to set this directory dynamically from outside the OLF GUI at present. More over, the attachment location is currently a central user setting and not something that is set for the individual form as you are suggesting.

Our understanding was always that if the location of the attachments is known they should be included in the import file and be imported automatically for the user.

If you still see a strong case for a change request, we would need some more information about the circumstances and the work flows you are envisaging.

Just one thought: Why not let the user attach the document in the PMS system instead from where you can then import the documents as described together with the XML? This could even be done after having already imported the form in OLF by firstly exporting it and removing it from OLF - then performing the necessary manipulations of the XML and adding the attachments and importing to draft or first validating and importing to ready-to-sign or ready-to-send (if the signature is already included). Hence, any workflow intelligence such as the location of the attachments should be implemented outside of OLF on the PMS or DMS side.

I hope this helps.

Thorsten (QA)