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OPS v.2.6.2 - Expected changes/planning for final release

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:23 pm
by EPO / OPS Support
Dear OPS user,

Please be aware that OPS v.2.6.2 is currently a BETA release of this service. This is because the interface has evolved significantly between v.2.6.1 and v.2.6.2, specifically in the request and response data structures. We are conscious that changes to request and response structures can have an impact on our end users and as a result we strive to ensure that changes to these are introduced only by the deployment of new versions of OPS.

There are further enhancements to version 2.6.2 planned in the coming months and these will have an impact on some of the request and response structures used. As a result OPS v.2.6.2 will remain a BETA release until we have finalised these changes. We presently expect to be able to announce that v.2.6.2 will be stable by end of October 2011.

The changes we are working on that will conclude the BETA phase include:
  • - Updated classification responses for ECLA, FTERMS, FI & UPC in biblio (aligned with DOCDB XML version 2.4)
    - Enhanced NPL citation data presentation in biblio
    - Use of cited-in tag to identify the phase in which a document has been cited
    - Improved JSON structure response using BadgerFish convention
    - updated cross-site scripting support
Kind regards,

OPS support