Patstat and R

Here you can post your opinions, ask questions and share experiences on the PATSTAT product line. Please always indicate the PATSTAT edition (e.g. 2015 Autumn Edition) and the database (e.g. PATSTAT Online, MySQL, MS SQL Server, ...) you are using.
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Patstat and R

Post by HWessel » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:19 am

I have the Patstat raw files, autumn 2015. Somehow I haven't been able to properly install the SQL database yet using the script provided (not in Oracle SQL and not in MySQL and not even with the help of SQL experts), but I think I can skip that step for the research that is left for me. The CSV should be pretty flat and straightforward, right? I would like to access the files directly using R.
The CSV-file is divided over several disks. How can I just create one big flat CVS file from the disks that I have?

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Re: Patstat and R

Post by nico.rasters » Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:41 pm

What operating system are you on? Which tables are you using for your research? What error messages are you getting? Importing PATSTAT into MySQL should be rather easy...

There is no official installation script for MySQL, but Gianluca generally posts these on his website
I also have some MySQL import scripts, but those are for earlier versions of PATSTAT. I'm too poor to keep updating ;(

PATSTAT is a relational database, and creating a join out of all the csv files would just be big and messy.
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