PATSTAT Online download and extraction limitations.

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PATSTAT Online download and extraction limitations.

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:34 pm

Many users ask us about the "limitations" in PATSTAT Online.
Although documented in the user manual , here is an overview:
(4.04 MiB) Downloaded 131 times
The maximum length of an SQL query is 10 000 characters.

PATSTAT subset download: Your result set must not contain more than 100 000 applications generated by the SQL query (as well for the free trial as for the subscription). The final download can contain more applications depending on whether family members and citations have been selected in the download parameters. The MS ACCESS data base can maximum be 2 GB.

Result table download: Not more than 700 000 rows can be downloaded.(in the subscription version).
In a free trial version no more than 10 000 rows can be downloaded.

Result list download: Not more than 1 500 list items (applications, rows,PDF's) can be downloaded.
Use of PATSTAT Online also falls under the standard "Terms and conditions": ... tions.html

We allow PATSTAT users to share data sets (and data base subset downloads) for scientific, reporting, commercial and academic activities such as peer review, training purposes, illustrative purpose, etc... within the limitations of the standard "Terms and conditions".

It is not allowed, and it makes little sense, to download "batches of data sets" with the purpose to attempt re-creating a complete PATSTAT data base. Trying to do so might result in your IP address being blocked, and your final data base will probably have lost it's integrity anyway.
An easier solution is to simply purchase a PATSTAT Global subscription and install the complete PATSTAT data base on your own data base platform. ... tstat.html
PATSTAT Support Team
EPO - Vienna
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