PATSTAT release Autumn 2020 is available for download

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PATSTAT release Autumn 2020 is available for download

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:06 pm

PATSTAT 2020 Autumn edition

Dear PATSTAT subscriber,

The 2020 Autumn edition has been tested, found sound, and is now ready for download ... n?action=2 .
Do not hesitate to contact us in case you encounter any problems when uploading the new data files.
In the documentation folder you will also find a document called
which contains valuable information on how to get started loading the PATSTAT data files.
Questions regarding shipping, subscription, pricing or invoicing can be sent directly to the EPO Customer Service Centre via .

The spread of the coronavirus and the current ongoing “second wave” has led to reinstated restrictions and has it made nearly impossible for colleagues and friends to physically meet.
Video conferencing, virtual team meetings, home-working and e-conferencing have become the norm and many of us have been homeworking for many months in a row.
In line with the decision taken for the Spring 2020 edition, we have decided to continue providing free access to PATSTAT Online for PATSTAT Global and Register customers until further notice.
If you want to make use of this offer, kindly ask your users to send a short e-mail to and we will then provide access credentials to PATSTAT Online as soon as possible.

PATSTAT news - business as usual.

Replenishment of abstracts for PCT applications.
Similarly to what we did for the citations information, we have now also replenished the Euro-PCT applications with the abstract from the respective PCT applications from which the EP application originates.
This will lead to better recall when doing “full text” searches using the TLS203_APPLN_ABSTR table.

NUTS data
One of the known deficiencies is that NUTS codes for new persons (applicants and inventors) that have been added in the 2019 Spring or later editions have not been updated.
We are grateful to OECD for given us permission to use their REGPAT data base as a source to replenish some of the missing NUTS codes in PATSTAT.
This has led to 180.000 applicants and inventors covering 32 countries to be assigned NUTS codes. Those enhanced records have been given a NUTS_LEVEL = 4 flag.

PATSTAT Register
One minor change: a new procedural step: CDEC – Request for correction of the decision to the grant has been added.

PATSTAT Online on PISE (Patent Information Services for Experts)
PATSTAT Online will give access to the PATSTAT Autumn 2020 data starting from 12 November 2020.

Additional resources
We should also like to take this opportunity to inform you about some additional sources of PATSTAT information: On the PATSTAT webpage ( you will find the “Documentation” and “Getting started” tabs with many useful documents and self-study material and sample queries.
EPO also hosts the PATSTAT forum; here is the link: patstat-product-line-28/
On this forum post you will find a useful visualisation on data coverage and completeness.
Tailor-made PATSTAT training on site is also possible against cost.
We also observed that more and more PATSTAT users are starting to use the “EP full-text data for text analytics”.
This data set is available for free, and more information can be found here: ... ytics.html

PATSTAT user day 2020
We have decided that there will be no “physical” PATSTAT user day in 2020.
However, if the community would support a virtual session, we could organise it and set it up via WEBEX.
It is up to you to let your voice heard.

Via this mail, I also would like to thank for the many signs of support and concern we received following the terrible terrorist attack here in Vienna last Monday.
Warm regards,

Geert Boedt
EPO Vienna – November 2020
PATSTAT Support Team
EPO - Vienna
patstat @

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