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peditric extension of SPC

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:12 am
by Karen1980
Dear sir,

I have questions about SPC of EP0720599.
On INPADOC legal staus, for peditric extension, extension date sometimes refers to the expiry date, but sometimes it doesn’t.
For example, please see the part of "the event date is 2015/07/09", the extension date is 20171016. But according to the information disclosed by UK, the expiry date is 2018/4/16.
Whereas, in the part of "the event date is 2015/09/02", the extension date is the expiry date according to NL website.
Up to now, I only know how to search the expiry date of NL, BE, GB, CH, so I can confirm their expiry date on national website. For the other country, how can I confirm the expiration date?
Thank you!

Best regards,