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PMS import failing after Epptch5144 update

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:02 pm
by matt.woodward
This update appears to have introduced a case sensitive filename checking routine in the PMS import procedure which is preventing us from importing exported copies of UK applications using the PMS gateway.

For a full description of how we use the PMS gateway see my posts under the topic below: ... c1539.html

A brief summary is that we create and check patent applications on one eOLF system, giving them 'Ready to Sign' status, then export them to Zip file and import them to a 2nd eOLF system before signing and sending them.

The problem arises because the UK forms create applications containing files with mixed case names e.g. 'FeeSheet.PDF' but when these are exported using 'File\Export\XML to File(s)...' a Zip file is created in which virtually all the file extensions are lowercase e.g. 'FeeSheet.PDF' is exported as 'FeeSheet.pdf'.
The files making up the application are listed in the accompanying 'package-data.xml' file with their original names e.g. 'FeeSheet.PDF'.

Prior to update Epptch5144 the PMS import routine was not case sensitive and this discrepancy between the filenames listed in 'package-data.xml' and those exported did not cause an error.
Now that the PMS import routine is case sensitive it rejects the UK applications unless we manually edit either the filenames or the 'package-data.xml' file in the Zip package.

Is there any reason why the PMS import routine needs to be case sensitive ?

It would be much appreciated if this change could be reversed asap.

Matt Woodward

Re: PMS import failing after Epptch5144 update

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:14 pm
by matt.woodward
I have discovered that it is possible to manually edit the 'package-data.xslt' files so that the generated filenames match those listed in the 'package-data.xml' file.
This has allowed us to continue using the PMS import interface without having to first manually edit the exported files.

Unfortunately, some updates replace my amended files with the old versions and so I have to be careful to check for this and re-copy the amended versions if necessary.

This bug should be properly fixed by the eOLF team.
At a minimum it would very simple to incorporate amended 'package-data.xslt' files in future releases.