PMS import failing after recent updates - again

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PMS import failing after recent updates - again

Post by matt.woodward » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:23 pm

Recent updates have once again introduced problems with importing applications into eOLF5 using the PMS interface. A simple test and requirement for the PMS interface must surely be to be able to import applications exported from eOLF5 without changes. We export 'Sent' applications in order to archive them and then delete them from the eOLF5 database. We used to be able to re-import them using the PMS interface so that they maintained their 'Sent' status and we were assured that they were as 'Sent'. This is no longer possible. Since the epptch5268/5269 updates we are no longer able to re-import EP1200 applications with 'Ready to Sign' status either. This is seriously impacting our ability to ensure applications are filed without unintended changes after checking by qualified attorneys. The PMSResponse.xml, resulting from the PMS validation of an EP1200 application exported with 'Ready to Send' status, is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE OLF_2_PMS_response SYSTEM "OLF_2_PMS_response.dtd">
<OLF_2_PMS_response mode="production" language="en" result="success">
<application application_ID="" application_language="en" procedure="EP122K" user_reference="B1921" folder="Default Folder" last_saved_date="13.12.2016 13:50:00" last_saved_user="Administrator ">
<validation_message severity="3" validation_ID="102002" gui_tab="States">No extension states selected.</validation_message>
<validation_message severity="2" validation_ID="102002" gui_tab="States">States: The international filing date determines the range of extension and/or validation states you can select. If you change the date, please make your selection again.</validation_message>
<validation_message severity="3" validation_ID="102003" gui_tab="States">No validation states selected.</validation_message>
<validation_message severity="3" validation_ID="105019" gui_tab="Documents">Any amendments filed under Art 19 PCT are to be considered as a substantive response to the Written Opinion of the ISA.</validation_message>
<validation_message severity="1" validation_ID="900096" gui_tab="Fee Payment">Erroneous data imported: payment_mode - Content_cursor is invalid</validation_message>
<validation_message severity="3" validation_ID="106002" gui_tab="Fee Payment">Please enter mode of payment</validation_message>

I have submitted a request with these details to EPO support.
It would be good to know if there are better ways of getting these problems resolved.

Matt Woodward

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