PMS import replacing new fees with old fees after Epptch5172

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PMS import replacing new fees with old fees after Epptch5172

Post by matt.woodward » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:05 pm

This Epptch5172 update (which included the new fees) appears to have introduced a bug which results in the new post 1st April 2014 fees being replaced by pre-1st April fees when 'Ready to Sign' applications are imported using the PMS interface.

For a full description of how we use the PMS gateway see my posts under the topic below:

A brief summary is that we create and check patent applications on one eOLF system, giving them 'Ready to Sign' status, then export them to Zip file and import them to a 2nd eOLF system before signing and sending them.

This issue came to light when preparing an application using the EP1038 form.
The 'Ready to Sign' application created on the primary eOLF system has the correct (new) fees.
The 'epf1038.pdf' and 'ep-sfd-request.xml' files in the exported '*.zip' file also contain the correct fees.
So there appears to not be anything wrong with the exported file.
When this '*.zip' file is imported to the 2nd eOLF system the application retains it's 'Ready to Sign' status but the files have changed and now contain the old pre-update fees.
If the application status is changed to 'Draft' and viewed then the files contain the old fees.
If the 'Draft' application is opened then the fee table displays the correct new fees.
To save the correct fees we have to move the application status forward to 'Ready to Sign' while it is open or save the opened application and then move the status forward to 'Ready to Sign'.

There are 2 problems arising out of this.
One is obviously that we are having to correct the fees.
The other is that the whole reason for using the PMS interface is to import applications with 'Ready to Sign' status and thereby avoid any risk of changes after the application has been given 'Ready to Sign' status by an attorney.
Previous testing has revealed that changing the status of an application back to Draft can result in undesired changes to the application. Applications given 'Ready to Sign' status should not be changed by the PMS import process.

I hope that this problem can be quickly rectified as it opens us up to the risk of submitting applications which have been unintentionally changed after being checked by our attorneys.

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Re: PMS import replacing new fees with old fees after Epptch

Post by matt.woodward » Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:05 pm

I am pleased to report that I have found the source and cause of the problem we have experienced with the fees being changed when importing EP1038 applications using the PMS interface.
The Epptch5172 update appears to have changed a setting in our templates based on the EP(1038E) form.
The change occurred on the 'Fee Payment\Payment details' tab where the 'Fee selection' was changed from the top option to the middle option i.e.
Date of filing or entry into the regional phase on or after 01.04.2014
Date of filing or entry into the regional phase from 01.04.2009 to 31.03.2014 inclusive

This change did not result in the fees being incorrect when the application was created but it did result in the following entry in the 'ep-sfd-request.xml' file:
<fees date="20090401">

When the application was exported and re-imported, using the PMS interface, this entry resulted in the fees being changed.

With the 'Fee selection' set to the top option, the entry in the 'ep-sfd-request.xml' file is:
<fees date="20140401">

As this setting became incorrect on 3 separate systems (one of which is a backup system and rarely if ever used) at the same time, I am certain that the change was caused by the Epptch5172 update.

I have now corrected the 'Fee selection' setting in our templates and my tests indicate that we can once again re-import EP(1038E) applications without having to correct the fees.

I continue to maintain that the PMS interface should import applications without changes when they have a status of 'Ready to Sign', 'Ready to Send' or 'Sent'.
If changes are made then the PMS interface should change the status to 'Draft' to ensure applications are checked before being sent.

I hope this information is useful to anyone having similar problems with the PMS interface.

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