question about the number of registered patents‏

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Lea Ribic
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question about the number of registered patents‏

Post by Lea Ribic » Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:37 pm

Good day,

I am a student of the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, Croatia, and we are doing a research on the theme of "The infulence of change of number in patents on the change of the national GDP". I am sorry for the disturbance, but I am having trouble with finding the statistics for the number of the registered patents in the european countries. Specifically, I need the number of registered patents in the time period from 1980 do 2012 for all countries of the EU, and I can only find the specified information from the past ten years.

Could it be possible for you to send me these statistics or tell me more about where I could find them ?

Kind regards,

Lea Ribić

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Re: question about the number of registered patents‏

Post by nico.rasters » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:31 pm

Patent applications to the EPO by priority year at the national level: ... ot&lang=en

If this is not the table you were looking for, then perhaps Eurostat has other tables that better suit your needs.
The OECD might also have similar tables.

Alternatively, data could be extracted from PATSTAT.
Nico Doranov
Data Manager

Daigu Academic Services & Data Stewardship

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