REG111 - RIR

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REG111 - RIR

Post by LeoLei » Wed Nov 18, 2020 3:32 pm

Dear all,

I have a question regarding a definition of a variable in PATSTAT register. I am currently studying patent pledges, i.e. for collateralization of loans. The French IP office, INPI, documents pledges of French patents in the pre- and post-grant phase as well as pledges of those patents that are filed at EPO and then move to the (French) national phase, i.e. post grant. Hence, for firms filing a patent at EPO and pledging it pre-grant (i.e. before moving to the national phase), INPI doesn't provide information.

We now suspect to find these in formation in the Patstat register. Here, we can obtain licensing information (from REG111) referring to the type of license, which is either a) exclusive, b) not exclusive, or c) right in rem. To our understanding, the latter code (“RIR”) may indicate a pledge, because right in rem potentially refers to a temporary transfer of the ownership rights of a patent. Unfortunately, the variable description in the Patstat manual is not very informative regarding this aspect.

My question thus is whether there are i) more information on where to detect potential patent pledges in Patstat and, more specifically, ii) whether the RIR code might be such a variable?

I greatly appreciate any type of feedback. Thank you a lot for your help!

With kind regards,


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