Retrieving all Event History listed on Espacenet in PATSTAT

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Retrieving all Event History listed on Espacenet in PATSTAT

Post by VanessaBehrens » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:06 pm

Dear Geert,

I am trying to get all the even history data for this appln_id in PATSTAT appln_id=332198159, so I run the following oracle sql code:

select t4.*, t5.event_impact, t5.event_descr, t5.event_descr_orig, t5.EVENT_CATEGORY_CODE, t5.EVENT_CATEGORY_TITLE, t6.appln_nr, t6.appln_nr_epodoc, t6.appln_nr_original, t6.appln_auth
from TLS231_inpadoc_legal_event t4
left join TLS803_legal_event_code t5 on t4.event_code=t5.event_code and t4.event_auth=t5.event_auth
left join TLS201_appln t6 on t4.appln_id=t6.appln_id
where t4.appln_id=332198159

However, only one line is returned with event_code='AS'. When I look up this patent on estacenet (using its appln_nr_epodoc='JP20100176854' in the search criteria), I see many more events ( ... cale=en_EP#). I then tried to change the last line of my oracle sql code to "where t6.appln_nr_epodoc='JP20100176854'", but this gave the same results as before.

Do you know where I am going wrong?

Best wishes,

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Re: Retrieving all Event History listed on Espacenet in PATSTAT

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Fri Mar 22, 2019 4:40 pm

Dear Vanessa,,
apologies for the delayed reply.

I have run your query on PATSTAT 2019A, and it gives exactly the same results as what you can find in Espacenet via the legal status information.
See attachment:
(12.69 KiB) Downloaded 109 times
You will also get the same result (-1 line for an event that was recently added) when you run your query in PATSTAT Online.
If your query gives a different result on your local server, do a quick check if your tls231 has 261.734.499 rows.

Code: Select all

select count(*) from TLS231_inpadoc_legal_event
And the table tls803 should have 3.672 rows.
Possibly files were skipped during loading ?
PATSTAT Support Team
EPO - Vienna
patstat @

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