Revision and changes on the CPC Y-tags.

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Revision and changes on the CPC Y-tags.

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Thu Aug 13, 2020 12:24 pm

A number of PATSTAT users have observed that a substantial amount of CPC Y-tags are no longer available via the CPC browser in ESPACENET ( ... Y02T10/144), but they still are available in PATSTAT, and even in ESPACENET when you search for them via the Advanced search screen-. ( ... 0%2F144%22)
Examples are Y02T10/144, Y02E10/54,…
The complete overview of changes is available in this document: ... arious.pdf
In an nutshell: a major revision of the Y-tags took place during the last 4 months. Over the last couple of years there was a wild increase of tags with some tags only being used for 1 or very few patent families. After consultations with key stakeholders, we have removed, regrouped and reviewed a substantial number of Y-tags and the EPO is currently re-classifying patent families according to the new scheme.
Although the new scheme is now available via the ESPACENET CPC browser, Y-tags in PATSTAT are still based on the January 2020 data. The new scheme will become available in the PATSTAT 2020 autumn version and it is foreseen that the assignment of Y-tags will be quicker and more accurate under the new scheme.

More information on CPC can be found here:
PATSTAT Support Team
EPO - Vienna
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