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Re: Robot Detected Error only from one computer

Posted: Mon May 17, 2021 7:18 am
by EPO / OPS Support

Not sure if that makes it easier for you to know, but we are aware of all that and this is why I mentioned new webservices in making, we know we will change a lot in new services, including throttling, which we will replace but unfortunately, that will all only be possible in new tools and services. And at this point in time, I cannot tell you when you can expect those, I am afraid.


Re: Robot Detected Error only from one computer

Posted: Mon May 17, 2021 9:02 am
by gerben

According to the error occurrence description in the clipping from the OPS manual that Vesna included the error 403 is related to:
Recent behaviour implies you are a
robot. The server is at the moment
busy to serve robots. Please try again
The 403 error in OPS indeed speaks about robots (I had not noticed this earlier).

If I remember correctly, the EPO examiners, the public services (e.g. espacenet and the register), and the OPS service all rely on the same data servers in the background. The system is originally built to support the examination process and, as a courtesy to the public, the information is made available to the public. Starting with espacenet and the publicly accessible register, followed several years later by the OPS service for (larger scale) automated retrieval of information.
Priority of service in this context is given to 1) the examiners, the main purpose for which the system was built; 2) the publicly accessible (real-time) services espacenet and register; 3) automated access via OPS.

Is my memory correct in this?

It could be that you ran into a situation where the system was already running at max resources serving the examiners and espacenet/register, and/or with some background activities like maintenance.
In your original description you write that you noticed this result and it was still present after restarting your machine. Did you try your production machine on different days and in different time periods during the day?