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Re: RSS Feed?

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:49 pm
by Patent Information Marketing
Dear Berthold,

Thank you for your input. When designing new Espacenet we carefully considered which of the functionality and technology we should bring to new Espacenet. Sometimes it was straightforward, sometimes we offer the means to retrieve the same results (or even better) but in a different way. And there are also some (luckily not too many) cases, where we have decided not take them over to new Espacenet and the RSS functionality is, unfortunately, one of them. The decision taken was also due to the fact that RSS is now legacy technology putting a potential risk for functional abuse of our servers and could lead to poor performance of our systems.
We acknowledge the needs of our users for an alerting-type functionality. We are currently looking into the different possibilities to offer to our users the corresponding functionality while, at the same time, protecting ours systems. This may, however, not materialise in a quick solution.
We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Re: RSS Feed?

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:02 pm
by Craiq
Having an RSS feed is a critical function for me too!
As much I like the new design and functions, not being able to keep track of new patents is a no go.
Visiting the page regularly is no option as this takes a lot of time for no benefit 99% of the time.
Also you need to delete every search you don't need to track. Why searching single patents is then listed there at all? This is a huge organization overhead. Overall this eats up all benefits espacenet has... so sad
you made so much right with the new version! But introduced a deal breaker...

Here is an idea of how to implement RSS with no overhead for the search engine:
- have a extra server for rss providing the feed for all abonnements
- copy the newest 100 search results to the rss server to provide the feed
- after 2 months nobody requested the feed, delete it
- push new search results to the rss server
- match new patents against all feed search strings

Re: RSS Feed?

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:47 pm
by Patent Information Marketing
Dear users,
we will investigate which possibilities we can offer you with regard to getting notifications in case additional documents meet your search criteria. Currently we can only advise you to store the search (e.g. by saving the URL to a document) and re-run the search with an additional condition regarding the publication date e.g. laser AND pd>=20200401 for laser patents published after 1. April 2020. Please note that such a search would not cover previously published documents, that have been added after 1. April to the Espacenet collection.

Please consider using GPI, which offers more advanced monitoring functionality based on the date of first exchange (DFE), which would allow to find much earlier published documents added recently to the database.