Russia: Thank you for attending our webinar!

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Russia: Thank you for attending our webinar!

Post by EPO / Asia Info » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:26 pm

Dear users,

First of all, thanks to all of you who attended this week’s webinar on patent information from Russia. We appreciate your interest in the topic and your endurance for staying with us till the very end of this session which covered both patent information published by Rospatent and Eurasian Patent Office as well.

For the ones, who were not able to attend this time, here are some questions which you should be able to answer after our training:

Q:As a foreign applicant, do I need to appoint a professional representative in Russia?
A: Yes. Natural or legal persons who do not have a residential address or place of business in Russia must appoint a professional representative registered with the Russian Patent Office to represent them in patent-prosecution proceedings there. Power of attorney does not need to be notarized or legalized.

Q: What language must I use for patent applications in Russia?
A: The request for grant should be filed in Russian language. For the assignment of the date of filing the application documents (description, claims, drawings, abstract) can be filed in any language, however a Russian translation must be filed three months from the invitation of the Russian Patent Office. The procedural language is Russian.

Q: If an applicant files a Eurasian patent application today, which countries will be covered by his patent in the future?
As of today, Eurasian Patent Convention has 8 contracting states which are Turkmenistan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Tajikistan, Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Republic, Kyrgyz Republic and Republic of Armenia, so the patent filed today will be protected in these 8 countries. Also, after the Eurasian patent is granted it has a unitary effect and does not need to be validated in the member states.

In case of other questions you might have related to Russia and BRICS, please feel free to contact us at or register for the still upcoming webinars for India, China and South Africa (

With kind regards,

Your Asian Patent Information Services Team

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