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Smart Cards & Citrix

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:05 pm
by Nemo
I'm having a problem reverse engeneering the installed Gemalto software on our Citrix servers. With the recent update to OLF5 SP3 I heard that there also was an update for the Smart Card Reader software. Without problems I updated the drivers on the local clients, but I found that for logging into on the citrix servers I also need Smart Card drivers on the servers.

What is installed at this moment and is working is: Gemplus Smart Card Reader Tools and GemSafe Libraries 4.2 SP3.

I tried to install the same drivers as I installed on the local clients: Gemplus GemPCTWIN reader driver and Gemalto Classic Client/GemSAFE Libraries 6.0 Cryptographhic software. But this didn't work. Then I tried to reinstall the old software but now that doesn't work anymore either. Luckily I did all this in the test environment...

Now I am looking for a description of how to install this for Citrix servers and the software that goes with it. Can anyone help me with this?

Re: Smart Cards & Citrix

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:39 am
by Omega
It would be helpful if you would tell us more about the environment used (Xenapp Version, Clients, Connection between client and server etc.).
You should not need the reader driver on the server. Uninstall 4.2 before installing 6.0

Does the Toolbox show the Reader and Smartcard ?

The Regtool.exe needs to be running in the user-session for InternetExplorer!!!.

Re: Smart Cards & Citrix

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:20 am
by Nemo
Unfortunately one of the Smart Cards broke during testing so I can't test anything at the moment and there is a possibility it was already broken when I was testing this.

I've done some more searching and found some user documentation on the Gemalto Classic Client. It seems to say that only the Classic Client needs to be installed on the Citrix server and that the RegTool is not installed.
If you are working on a Citrix workstation, the Registration Tool is not installed
on your workstation. You can register or install certificates without the Registration
Tool by using the Certificates Tool (if your Citrix administrator has included the tool in
the distributed end user setup).
The Registration Tool is not available in Citrix client-server environments.
To answer your questions:
We are running Presentation Server 4.5 and the clients are running XP SP3.

On the clients we have installed the OLF client, the smart-card drivers and the Classic Client which also installed the RegTool. This all runs on the workstation because we had issues with determining the correct Adobe version when the application was packaged with APP-V.

I think I will have to do some more testing with just the Classic Client installed on the Citrix server. But I will have to wait until we recieve a new smart-card.

Re: Smart Cards & Citrix

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:36 pm
by Omega
[quote](if your Citrix administrator has included the tool in
the distributed end user setup).[/quote]

I assume that you use the Epo-provided client. So you have no SBC-Setup for the client and regtool is installed.
Since the epo does not support this it is hard to get a customized setup.I got one for 4.2, but I gave up with support in version 6.0.

Re: Smart Cards & Citrix

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:39 pm
by Martinadu
There is now a version 6.1 of the gemalto/gemsafe libraries software which works much better
with the Citrix environment as reported by users that have tested. Please contact EPO User
support to get this version.


Martin Adu
Citrix and Gemalto
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PS: Our support for Citrix installations is very limited

Re: Smart Cards & Citrix

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:10 am
by medevac
Any updates for the versions?