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System integration

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:00 am
by tarilo

We are a spanish company.

We have a internal application for backoffice.

We wan't to use the eofl cliente to send spanish patents to oepm.

The problem is that we want to export the data from our internal app for import in oelf client.

The cause is that we don't want that the user re wrute all the data and save time.

Can you help me about how to export data to use in the client importing.



Re: System integration

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:28 pm
by twesthues
Hola Miguel,

I'm not familiar with the OEPM plug-in(s) so I cannot make any statements on the procedural aspects but in theory I would recommend the following approach:
1. create some samples in OLF client as you would expect them.
2. export them via the OLF File Manager menu File - export - XML to file
3. use the ZIP and its content to see how the data is stored in XML
4. if you also want to handle the attachments - see how these are registered in package-data.xml
5. make your system produce similar XML files and then either put each case in a zip file or create a directory for each export
6. you then have a choice of either importing manually via the OLF File Manager or using the PMS interface to import or if you want to validate, import, sign and send all via the PMS interface.

For more information on the XML data handling see ... 080620.pdf
For more information on the PMS interface use the documents and tool provided here ...

I hope this helps.