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The Expiration of the Certificate for ""

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 7:04 am
by jhchoi

It seems like that the certificate for the EPO Search website "" has expired on May 22, 2019.
Due to the expiration of the certificate, We are not able to use the EPO search service.

Below is an error message.

Issuer: GlobalSign Extended Validation CA - SHA256 - G3
Expires on: 2019. 5. 22.
Current date: 2019. 5. 22.

Thank you

Re: The Expiration of the Certificate for ""

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 2:54 pm
by Patent Information Marketing
Dear Jaeho,
We are pleased to inform you that the issue encountered with the Register certificate has now been solved.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.