Unnatended Installation of Client

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Unnatended Installation of Client

Post by Jemimus » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:56 am


We are automating our client roleouts and I am having 2 issues with EPO software.

The first concerns the client portion of Epoline (v4.00)
I am using the MSI and trying to install the client unnatended and quietly, in the background.

msiexec /i "\\fileserver\source$\Epoline\4.0\Client Install\OLF400client.msi" /l c:\epoinstall_log.txt /qn

However, even when giving the /qn switch, it still prompts the desktop session with a window, asking for the server connection information. (Korba/Soap, hostname, port). I wish to suppress this message, the entire installation must complete quietly, without any user interaction required. A followup script copies a pre-configured OLFClient.ini to the "C:\Program Files\EPO_OLF-TC" folder, so during installation the imput can be kept default.

The other issue I am having, though I am not sure I should be asking it here, concerns the Online Multuipay Tool.
The installer for this tool is not an MSI package, but is a self-executing package using Wise. However, the default /q option for Wise self-executing packages does not seem to supress the dialog boxes for this particular install.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.

Robert Kloosterhuis
Systems Administration
Nederlandsch Octrooibureau
Robert Kloosterhuis
Systems Administrator - Nederlandsch Octrooibureau

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Re: Unnatended Installation of Client

Post by twesthues » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:52 am

Hi Jemimus,

I've passed on the issue concerning the mulipay tool installation.

For the OLF thin client I can at least say that this issue is on the list for v5 which is currently being scoped and scheduled. I can unfortunately not reveal any more information at this stage.

The description of the issue in our defect management list is
"In the thin client (MSI), when trying to install in a silent mode (e. i. msiexec /package OLF400client.msi /quiet) the whole installation works silently except the last dialogues shows up (CORBA/SOAP port selection). This dialogue should also respect the silent mode (at least with a default value - CORBA 11000), but better still with parameters to be passed on to the msi file via command line."

That's all for now.
at your service for the EPO Online Services Team!

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Re: Unnatended Installation of Client

Post by Ckral » Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:26 pm

Dear Jemimus,

i might have a solution yet not a real elegant one:

- get the .MSI-editor called "orca" from the corresponding Microsoft SDK
(Information und Dl-location here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/255905)
- load the olfclient400.MSi in orca and take out the entire connection dialog call
- copy a premade "olfclient.ini" (which of course is not generated when taken out the routine in the .MSI) via script/batch to the destination location (default c:\program files\EPO_OLF-TC) after the "msiexec olfclient400.msi /qn" approach
Christoph Kral

IT-Department VJP Munich
Email: ckral@vjp.de

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