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Updated PCT/RO/101 Request form

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:24 am
by Sue Callam
When attaching Drawings there is now a section to complete which contains the following:

The figure of the drawings which should accompany the abstract contains text: YES / NO

If YES is selected the following is required Please type the text in the Drawing Text box

All our drawings which accompany the abstract will contain text and the majority of the drawings will be flow charts and similar formats. Albeit that you can copy&paste text into the Drawing Text box field, this additional step is time consuming for the user - particularly when the Figure to accompany the drawings has already been identified in another area within the Drawing section and the Drawings are attached as a pdf file.

Does anyone else find this field a little bizarre? It would also be good to know why the Receiving Section require this field, what do they do with the data contained within it?

If you select YES and do not enter any text in the Drawing Text box - this will not prevent filing.

Re: Updated PCT/RO/101 Request form

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:24 am
by D. Van Haken
Dear Sue Callam,

This feature is introduced in the latest PCTSAFE implementation and, hence also in the EPO one released end of May.

The Wipo documentation that can be found here ... tation.htm
explains: "PCT-SAFE Client User Guide: How to indicate the text matter in drawings in PCT-SAFE [DOC] [PDF]"

“New functionality has been added to the Drawings Details screen of the Contents page to allow the filer to indicate any text matter that is included in the figure of the drawings that will be published with the abstract. This is not a legal obligation but if the applicant provides such text matter in electronic form, it is much appreciated by the International Bureau as it facilitates the application’s further processing, in particular its translation.”

Re: Updated PCT/RO/101 Request form

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:05 am
by Sue Callam

Thank you very much for the explanation and the link.

Still slightly confused as it mentions "facilitating the application's further processing, in particular its translation".

I know IB provide translations of the International Search Report/Written Opinion (for example language is Japanese an English translation is provided). I was not aware that IB translated the application into different languages, and if it does, it clearly is for internal use as this has never been provided on WIPO's Patent Scope download system.

Anyway, I note it is not a legal obligation.