What is it for class and classify again? Advantage and disadvantage

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What is it for class and classify again? Advantage and disadvantage

Post by mgonzal5 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:29 am

- You may score for every class to see likeness, there are patents that already do that -There is also automatic classification ,the computer do it for you using keywords.
- If you make a bad classification, you can’t find the document if it is in the wrong place
- You may use n conditions for searching like taking m balls out of a box and may be a different person replace the balls and make the same thing, taking out m balls with the same conditions but the balls are different one from the other… Each set of documents you may do different IET.
- Maybe is better that the applicant defend his patent with one possible set of documents and the opponents may do its responses to them.
- Is there enough time for using the patent, selling or building or whatever? Maybe make sense employ provisional patents that are given in a short time with minimum patentability criteria and it seems that will be concession.
I'll be adding more, as a way to see how to improve this.

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