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What is it for class and classify again? Advantage and disadvantage (2)

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:24 pm
by mgonzal5
- Classify can make searching restrict the amounts of documents that maybe consulted. The document may belong to several field.
- I see classifying like Boolean sets… if you make a mistake with a wrong classification, you cannot recover it. How can avoid this? Giving more classification or using keywords.
- As I see it like statistics, when we have n balls for catching from a box maybe with 3 restrictions. Another makes the same thing but it doesn’t find the same documents. There are two groups of documents with two different IETs. Maybe one with A’s and the other one with X’s.
- Maybe it is better assign as many classification as possible.
- Probably would be better that the applicant or the opponents answer back … because what it has been found is an sample (not the whole thing).

I'll be adding more about this. Thanks for your help.