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What we'd like....

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:52 pm
by eightethel
This may of course be already available, but if so, we cannot find how to do it!

What we'd like is to file our new applications online AND to automatically do something similar what we can do with paper filings in respect of fees.

What we do with paper filings is to file WITHOUT fees and then (non-automatically) pay the fees within 1 month.
What we would like to have the ability to do is to set an auto-payment date for fees -say 2 weeks time from date of submission of new application. Ideally from our deposit account.

This would free us in the event of a sudden surge of applications from the issue of a dead deposit account, and -say -losing an Appeal because the account had become run out by the time the Appeal Fee was due.