when will PATSTAT Online Spring 2016 edition be online?

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when will PATSTAT Online Spring 2016 edition be online?

Post by the_trendicator » Mon May 23, 2016 3:29 pm

I've just uploaded PATSTAT spring 2016 edition, but I need to compare some analysis with Patstat Online, so I'd like to know when the spring 2016 edition will be available.Thanks!

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Re: when will PATSTAT Online Spring 2016 edition be online?

Post by mkracker » Tue May 24, 2016 12:35 pm

It is foreseen that we in the PATSTAT team receive a first version of PATSTAT Online which contains the 2016 Spring data next week for test. Usually 2-3 test cycles need to be done, so I aim at making this version available for the users end of June.

You mentioned that you need to compare your analysis you have done with your 2016 Spring database with the result delivered by PATSTAT Online. Please be assured that the data in PATSTAT Online will be the same as the one you received as raw data on DVD.

If you just want to check whether you have loaded the data completely and correctly into your DB, then I suggest you use the test scripts which are on the delivered disk number 1. These scripts count the number of rows in your DB and you can compare it with the should-be value which you will also find there. If these numbers correspond and you have used the up-to-date table structures (see also disk number 1), then from my experience you can be sure that the data in your DB is fine.

I hope that helps.
Martin Kracker / EPO

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