Windows 7 and SmartCards


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Windows 7 and SmartCards

Post by DCampbell » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:18 am

We're currently running some evals of Windows 7 x64 and seem to have hit a problem with getting the libraries for the SmartCard as this all seems to have now changed.

From what I can gather Gemplus has merged with Axalto to create Gemalto and this has created new software. I have been able to download drivers for the PC-Twin card reader from but it would appear that the libraries have been replaced by the Classic Client, see and expand the link for GemSafe Libraries.

There is a mention of mini-drivers available from Windows Update but these appear not to work, they do advise that if they dont work its probably an older card and you will require Gemalto's Classic Client.

I've gone through the links for support etc but cannot find a download for the Classic Client, is this something that will be supplied by the EPO in the near future?

Any advice or useful hints for Windows 7 installations?


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Re: Windows 7 and SmartCards

Post by Martinadu » Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:43 pm

Dear DCampbell,

The issue of installing on 64 bit systems has already been addressed on this forum. See ... c1498.html

User Support will be pleased to offer you the necessary Classic Client. We cannot make it publicly available on our
website for licencing issues.