Doubts about new registration

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Doubts about new registration

Post by gf192837 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:03 pm

Dear EPO team.

I've been accessing OPS without registration for a certain period in the past and at that time I felt as there was no need for me to download at a higher rate than the unregistered rate, there was no need for me to register. But now I suppose the most appropriate way to do this is to create an account to me. Is it the right understanding ?

If it is, I wish to know if I need to download again all data I've already downloaded using the non-registered access or if I can use for my studies the data I have already downloaded using the non-registered access together with the data I'll download using the registered access.

Another question is about raw data, once EPO states that OPS service is not meant to provide it. What is considered raw data ? I mainly downloaded a specific set of patent application TIFF images. Is it considered raw data ? I tried to find the data I'm downloading in EPO product list, but I did not find them. As for the "extremely large amount of data" you mention, I'd like to know whether there's a limit of cumulative data I can download over the time. Again, I'm only interested in downloading some patent application TIFF images.

Finally, I intend to create a "free of charge up to 2,5 Gb download per week account" once I do not feel that I'll need more. However, if eventually I need to download additional data during one week, can I run the non-registered access again when I reach the 2,5 Gb download limit of my account ? As I understood from the website, the objective is not to overload EPO systems or servers, which is not my intention at all, and as for that, I would like to know if it is OK to turn the non-registered access if during a week the 2,5 Gb limit is reached and I still need to get some complementary data.

Thank you and please let me know in case you have any additional advice.

EPO / OPS Support
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Re: Doubts about new registration

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:19 pm

Dear user,

The non-registered access is meant for test purposes and you can only retrieve a limited amount of data. If you intend to really use the OPS services, you should register.

You do not need to download the data again once you have registered.

We offer a variety of raw data products ( which can be fed into databases. OPS can be used to retrieve TIFF images as long as you respect the Fair Use Charter.
TIFF images are available for certain countries (Product 14.14.1 - Clipped images).

If you are only interested in downloading some patent application TIFF images you are safe with using OPS. It would be different if you were trying to download the entire image database.

We suggest that you try the "free of charge up to 2,5 Gb download per week account" for a while and if you feel it does not suffice, you can contact us. Our users normally find that they rarely reach the 2,5 Gb/week ceiling. If you download more than 2,5 Gb in a week, your access will be blocked for the rest of the week. If you download too fast, your access will be blocked for one hour.

The non-registered access is currently still available and anonymous. You can use it any time for small quantities of data.

Kind regards
OPS support

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