Mismatch in status String EPO Register and OPS response

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Mismatch in status String EPO Register and OPS response

Post by MerinP » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:22 pm

We are using OPS for accessing EPO data.

Here is something that we found in EPO register

<ep-patent-status change-date="20171006" status-code="16">The application has been published</ep-patent-status>

For the same patent number OPS provides a response as below:

<reg:register-document date-produced="20171108" dtd-version="1.0" lang="en" produced-by="RO" status="APPLICATION PUBLISHED">
<reg:bibliographic-data country="EP" id="EP17176970P" lang="en" status="APPLICATION PUBLISHED">

OPS results are not exactly matching with the String values that you have provided. Can you provide us with the list of status values specific to OPS.

Also please provide us with a link in website where we can find the list of legal status codes.

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