Simple Title/Abstract Query for keywords

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Simple Title/Abstract Query for keywords

Post by AlexHaus » Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:29 pm


I am new to the API and I want to fetch some simple queries e.g.: How often is a specific term (e.g. "obesity") mentioned in either abstract or title of patents. This is easily possible via the website ( ... =&CPC=&IC=). I want to achieve the same via the webservice, but could't come to the same results I obtained manually. Could anybody give me a hint how the query should look like?

As I have many search terms, I like to implement it using the python "python-epo-ops-client" in a later stage.

Thanks in advance!

EPO / OPS Support
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Re: Simple Title/Abstract Query for keywords

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:04 am


There are several reasons why search results cannot match:

Espacenet is a fully functional database and OPS is web service offering access to the raw data. That means that when you are searching Espacenet you search a database that has a lot of different business rules in place that help you get best response possible with the less effort from your side. OPS can only give you exactly what you ask for without offering you any additional information. Every piece of information actually needs new URL query in OPS because there are no business rules in place.

So, in case of your search that means:
- Espacenet links abstracts and title of family members (if they exist) in either EN, FR or DE when the biblio records (title, names and/or abstracts) are empty and OPS is simple access to the raw data which means, if there is no original abstract or title already in the record your result will stay empty. That also means that theoretically your “obesity” term can be result of one and the same title or abstract that was used for many family members and one count is therefore not necessarily unique.

- OPS is limited to displaying only 2000 hits so you cannot do that kind of broad searches using OPS.

-Espacenet has a de-duplication feature (another business rule) in place which combines all publication steps of an invention and presents it to you as one record whereas OPS would count each publication step (A, B...) as separate record

In case of your search which is actually too broad for either Espacenet or OPS and should be restricted to get more detailed results you should also be aware that when you search either Espacenet or OPS using English expression you will only get results of titles and abstracts that hold English text, all other applications that would use the same expression but in any other language loaded in Espacenet you are not getting included in your hit list so I don’t know if that is what you want anyway.

It’s also not really clear to me if your interest is purely statistically orientated or if you are looking for actual patent documents that you want to then search deeper but if you only need statistics then Espacenet or OPS are not the best product. Please see our website and you will find other products and services that we offer and would probably fit your needs better.

I hope this helps,

OPS support

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