Update of TLS224_appln_cpc?

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Update of TLS224_appln_cpc?

Post by JosWinnink » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:25 am

Dear colleagues,

Just a short question. I was looking at patents tagged with CPC-code Y02* in the 2017Autumn version of PATSTAT and noticed that this tagging was not yet fully implemented by the EPO. From the documentation I learned that the tagging for Y02 was foreseen to be completed by December 2017. I expect and hope that the tagging mechanism is now in place for all Y02 categories. As this tagging only influences table TLS224_APPLN_CPC I was wondering if the EPO is able and willing to provide an updated version of this table for the 2017Autumn version of PATSTAT.

Kind regards,

Jos Winnink

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Re: Update of TLS224_appln_cpc?

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:18 am

Hello Jos,
The Y02A codes (“Technologies for adaptation to climate change”) have been put on-line in Espacenet and were done in time to make it into the back file for production of the Spring 2018 vesion.
It currently gathers 405.011 documents, split as follows:
  • Y02A10/CCA: Adaptation at costal zones; at river basins: 10.519 applications
  • Y02A20/CCA: Water conservation; Efficient water supply; Efficient water use: 58.332
  • Y02A30/CCA: Adapting or protecting infrastructure or their operation: 60.472
  • Y02A40/CCA: Adaptation technologies in agriculture, forestry, livestock or agroalimentary production: 174.657
  • Y02A50/CCA: Human health protection: 82.637
  • Y02A90/CCA:Technologies having an indirect contribution to adaptation to climate change: 22.065
The collection of Y02A50 is not complete yet; but as with any classification system, constant updates and re-classifications are being carried out. (Also in the Y04S area.)

An intermediate update on the TLS224_APPLN_CPC is technically unfeasible as it would require a complete re-run of the production cycle based on a new Docdb back file. The Spring 2018 edition can of course be used on the Autumn 2017 data.

Best regards,
PATSTAT Support Team
EPO - Vienna
patstat @ epo.org

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